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Mo. Dolores Washington

Director of Women Ministry




The Women’s Ministry connects, challenges, comforts and supports women. God’s power changes lives, and as we obey the great commission by reaching out with God’s love to others, we can make a difference!

Here to Serve All Your Spiritual Needs

Worship With The Women of Destiny

Many of us need to hear the stories of how God’s Word studied and taught has invaded the heart of a woman and then reached an entire family with the gospel—and how that grows faith and evangelistic fervor in churches We have seen this happen in our group, We continually pray for this kind of gospel fruit and as one member after another invites an unbelieving friend to come along with her we grow. We invite you to join us. If you need to be with a group of faith based women contact us to know about our next scheduled  event.

"Encouragement Just For You"

Live Your Life Happy

“Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (Proverbs 16:24). Whether you are aware of it or not, words spoken to us and through us are powerful. If you have women in your life that are going through loss, joy, heartbreak, new beginnings, loneliness, or just need some encouragement to keep on going, then this is the post for you! People of God press forward. Many in the body of Christ are reclaiming their position and stance back in God. We are headed to our mountain top experience. We have experienced the valley, the desert and the fire so that we could be pruned from dead works, stripped from our selfishness, self opinions and criticisms. Cleansed from Delusions, chronic deception and distortions from the enemy within and without. I encourage you to lock hands and connect heart to heart as we move forward as a mighty army claiming territory promised to the people of God. No time to waste and no time to lose. Matt 24:22 Hold fast people of God. The glory will fall like never seen before. 

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