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State Presider 

Assistant Pastor 
Elder. Cecil Washington

Whether you come to our physical building or visit through the web, we are glad you found us. We are a place of hospitality and encouragement. We are all about leading people to an active faith in Jesus Christ. That is a long-term journey. It involves a seeking heart, as well as an experience of grace and love in a supportive, caring community.

At Triumph The Church And Kingdom Of God In Christ, our desire is for people to have such a powerful experience of God's Holy Ghost, love and grace that we just cannot hold back. As followers of Christ, we are eager to share the good news of God’s loving, forgiving, healing, and reconciling love. Our experience of the Christian Faith is that we are blessed so that we can be a blessing. So, we are not just here to enjoy God’s blessings (important as that is). We are called to make a difference in our neighborhood, our community, and our world.

Thank You 

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